Delonghi Descaling Liquid Ecodecalk Mini 2x100ml

Limescale is one of the most common causes of coffee machine failure, so it is very important to remove it on time.

The new descaling liquid De’Longhi “Ecodecalk mini” effectively removes limescale, which accumulates in the coffee machine’s water system and prolongs the life span of your machine. Lab tests show that it’s 3 times more effective compared to the traditional descalers. Take care of your machine and it will always please you with delicious coffee.

How to use it.

  • This descaler (200 ml) will last for two uses. One descaling program uses 100 ml of liquid, which should be mixed with water.
  •  If your machine is automatic (with the grinder), run descaling program (check how to in your machine’s instruction). If your machine is half-automatic, then take off the coffee preparation handle, put empty dishes under the milk frother and under the coffee exit place.
  • With five-minute pauses, release all the liquid four times through the milk frother and then repeat it with clean water.
  •  Clean the water tank thoroughly.

How often should you do this?
Well, that depends on how hard your water is. The harder it is, the more often you should descale (automatic machines allow you to program the hardness of water and calculates how often descaling should be done according to that)

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