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EBC Pure 100% Robusta 1KG Beans


  • 1kg pack of EBC Pure coffee medium roasting
  • Creamy and intense
  • A balanced coffee with level 8 intensity
  • Notes o hazelnut and brown sugar 100% Robusta
  • Our brand tested and tasted by coffee professionals to give you amazing quality coffee 
  • This coffee beans can be used with a moka pot, filtered/espresso coffee machines or a French press after grinding
  • Highly recommended for milk based coffee drinks such as cappuccino, lattes etc. Can be used for espresso for the adventurous
  • Store in a cool and dry place for long-lasting freshness (check our storage containers & grinders under accessories)

Coffee does not include coffee plunger in image

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Item description

Everythingbutcoffee Pure 100% Robusta 1kg coffee beans is an authentic Italian roast. Medium roast.

Product weight: 1kg

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