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O'ccaffe Intenso 100% Robusta 1kg Coffee Beans


  • Strongest espresso blend in the range
  • Dark
  • Compact and full crema
  • Intense espresso blend
  • 100% Robusta

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Item description

Occaffe Intenso 100% Robusta 1kg Coffee Beans

Good coffee begins with the cultivation. In order to get the best beans, O’ccaffe purchases the right varieties and grades for our various blends directly from the coffee-markets: In New York for Arabica, and in London for Robusta. O’ccaffe purchase the raw materials for their premium products from specific merchants – people they have known for many years and who are known for their access to goods of particularly high quality and purity.Luxe Bar is an intense taste experience for purists: full-bodied, wonderfully fragrant and with a lasting crema – the one and only 100% Robusta.

Espresso coffee, whole beanMixing ratio: 100% RobustaThe O’Ccaffè Intenso is the strongest espresso blend in the range. A dark, compact and full crema awaits you with this intense espresso blend. The crema is unmistakable – only a 100% Robusta can do that.Rating: Strong espresso with high caffeine content, extremely nice cream formation, low acidity and bitter substances.Roasting: MediumPreparation: Espresso machine 7 – 7.5g, 90°-95°, 9 bar – Also suitable for fully automatic coffee makers.

SUITABLE for Italian preparation typically in the screen carrier machine or moka. Recommended for fully automatic machines and French presses only with correct grinder setting and for fans of particularly strong coffee.

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