Who we are – Best coffee beans & grounds in Lagos

Our heritage is who we are

Our journey began with a simple vision – to nurture the human spirit by sharing unique flavours of coffee within the African society, while empowering and building the communities where our beans are grown. We are registered as Miyagi Nigeria Limited.

Our coffee beans are sourced directly from the best coffee nations of the world. Every cup of Everything but coffee is not only delicious, but also carefully produced and sustainably packaged.

Our commitment to quality extends to every step of the coffee-making process. Our roasters maintain the quality of coffee cultural traditions. Our blends are the results of a 100% artisanal method, where the human touch still represents the magical factor.

All our coffee beans & grounds are artisanal and not industrial roasted.

On this journey with us, you are invited to taste coffee blends and roast made from ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation . So, enjoy the experience of our wide range of flavours that nurtures the human spirit, fueled by the African heritage, one cup at a time.

Our coffee comes in beans, grounds and capsules form. We sell the best coffee beans & grounds, Check out our different range. 

Welcome! Ekabo, Barka da zuwa, Ndewo


Success is best
when it's shared.

For us to successfully serve the African community we have successfully partnered with the following renowned brands as official brand distributors.

EVOCA group in Italy as official distributors of SGL Nespresso, Gaggia professional coffee machine range, SAECO, Necta, Magic etc

Dokito group maintaining traditional coffee roast methods over 3generations

Gaggia Milano coffee machine domestic range

Drink me Chai Latte Drinks

Cafeluxe Ltd – Manucfurers of Friends and Walt Disney Dolce gusto compatible coffee capsules

 All machines purchased from us comes with warranty and aftersales support.

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