EBC Coffee Based Scented Candle Set 300g scented aromatherapy candles. This scented candle set comes with 3 candles of 100g each.

Coffee + Vanilla – 100g

Coffee + Chocolate – 100g

Coffee + Citrus – 100g

Premium Scented Candles | Soy Wax | Long Burning | Aromatherapy Candle | Non Toxic |

We added this gift touch for our wonderful customers looking for sometime unique to either gift or use. Our scented candles have a coffee base scent mixed with essential oils and natural soy wax. Let our unique candle aroma fill up your room and transform your space. 

Crafted with love. May each lit candle bring you peace, tranquility and equilibrium.


Weight 0.35 kg

51mm, 58mm


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