Everythingbutcoffee Noir Arabica Coffee Beans 250g is an authentic Italian roast.

100% Arabica.

Artisan roast

Medium roast.

Arabica Origins: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia & Guatemala

Everythingbutcoffee Noir 100% Arabica 250g coffee beans is an authentic Italian roast.

  • 250g pack of EBC Noir coffee medium roasting, a delicate taste and a level 9 intensity
  • A precious blend of high mountain Arabica varieties, appreciated for its full-bodied taste and delicate aroma
  • Our brand tested and tasted by coffee professionals to give you amazing quality coffee
  • This coffee bean can be used after grinding for filter or espresso based coffee.  Just grind to the size you want.
  • Great for espresso but also tastes delicious with milk based coffee drinks
  • Store in a cool and dry place for long-lasting freshness (check our storage containers & grinders under accessories)
Weight 0.25 kg


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