These Friends coffee capsules for Nespresso® are black coffee with different flavors that are easily brewed in your Nespresso® machine.

You can be your own barista and brew a delicious cup of coffee in under a minute. Simply insert the pod in your machine, choose if you want to brew it as an espresso or lungo and press the button; your coffee is now ready to be enjoyed!

Each box is covered in references to the show and contains 10 aluminium pods that are compatible with your Nespresso® machine. Whether you seek a serene morning moment or a quick afternoon pick-me-up, These Friends Coffee Capsules offer an unparalleled combination of convenience, flavor, and quality.

This product has no affilitation with nor is it produced by or recognised by Nespresso®.

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 6.3 × 6 cm

Caramel, Vanilla, Chococherry, Hazelnut, Toffee


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