Gaggia Decalcifier 1 Unit of 250ml – Descaler


1 bottle of 250 ml. Suitable for all Gaggia Espresso Machines and other brand espresso machines.

A long-lasting espresso machine
A guaranteed solution to ensure a long-lasting espresso machine that always performs at its best

Sensational coffee quality
It maintains the taste of coffee over time and ensures the temperature is right for an enhanced aroma

Reliable machine protection
It allows an accurate descaling without harming the delicate parts of the espresso machine

How to use it.

  • This descaler (250 ml) will last for 2 uses. One descaling program uses approximately 125 ml of liquid, which should be mixed with water.
  •  If your machine is automatic (with the grinder), run descaling program (check how to in your machine’s instruction). If your machine is half-automatic, then take off the coffee preparation handle, put empty dishes under the milk frother and under the coffee exit place
  •  Clean the water tank thoroughly.

How often should you do this?
Well, that depends on how hard your water is. The harder it is, the more often you should descale (automatic machines allow you to program the hardness of water and calculates how often descaling should be done according to that)

Product safety

Danger: Causes serious eye damage

Weight 0.3 kg


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