Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend or Male Boss

A heart shaped balloon signifying the love during valentine's day

Calling on every member of the coffee crew, we’re here to save valentine’s day. Is your boyfriend or male boss a devotee of the dark roast? a connoisseur of the creamy cappuccino? or simply a dude who needs his daily dose of coffee to function? Well, fret no more, for Cupid’s arrow has struck gold in the form of this gift guide. Forget the cliche box of chocolates (unless they’re coffee-flavoured, in which case, genius move). Buckle up, coffee crew, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride into the world of gift ideas for valentine’s day.


One way to start is to accessorize their coffee ritual. Unleash the inner artist with handcrafted resin coasters that double as miniature works of art. Choose a design that reflects your boss or boyfriend’s personality, be it a bold pattern or a playful illustration of a caffeinated rocket ship. Boring coasters? Nah, we’re talking statement pieces that scream, “This guy takes his coffee seriously (and stylishly).”

Handmade resin coasters from everythingbutcoffee for valentine's day

Speaking of statements, time to go into fashion. Help him wear his love for coffee on his sleeve (literally) with a cozy hoodie with a funny coffee pun or a graphic tee. He’ll be the coolest cat at the café, guaranteed. Now, let’s talk travel mugs. Surprise them with a sleek, insulated mug that keeps their brew hotter than a double espresso shot or chillier than an iced latte. Imagine them conquering their commute with a piping hot Americano that stays at the perfect temperature until they reach the office, a silent thank you with every sip. Also, a valentine’s day gift that’ll add that touch of edgy coolness to his routine is a skull-full surprise. Get him that skull glass cup– the caffeine equivalent of a bad boy’s leather jacket.

A skull shaped glass from everything but coffee for valentine's day

If your boyfriend or boss is a sweet tooth, the coffee experience isn’t complete without a treat. Spoil his taste buds with coffee-infused chocolates, rich espresso brownies. Remember, the way to a man’s heart (and stomach) is often paved with good coffee and even better company.

Finally, the caffeine equivalent of fireworks: specialty coffee beans.

Different ranges of Everything But Coffee artisanal coffee beans

Take him on a global coffee adventure with bags of artisanal beans sourced from exotic locales Coffee Beans – Everything But Coffee ( Imagine him savouring the smooth richness of EverythingButCoffee Warrior Blend with Cameroon origin, his eyes closed in pure coffee bliss. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, one delicious cup at a time.

So there you have it, crew! With these unique and thoughtful gift ideas, you’re guaranteed to make his Valentine’s Day one he’ll never forget. Now go forth, caffeinate your work or love life, and brew up some unforgettable memories!

Everything But Coffee
Everything But Coffee

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