Digital kitchen weighing coffee scale with timer multi-function counter 3KG – 0.1g.


This coffee digital scale is equipped with high precision sensor for quick and accurate responses. It register weight changes instantly while pouring water or powder.

Ideal for pour over coffee, baking, cooking, food portion control. Also perfect for weighing items that need refined accuracy, such as postage and jewelry.

Note: Please put the scale in a hard flat surface to ensure accurate and steady readout. Any uneven or slanted table tops will result in unstable readings.

  • ABSColor: Black
  • Size: about 13 x 18 x 2.5 cm
  • Power Supply Mode: 3 x AAA Battery (Not Included)
  • Capacity/Accuracy: 3000g/0.1g
  • Packing: Box Packing
Weight 0.25 kg


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