This is a great quality coffee scale with timer with high accuracy portable digital Coffee scale balance. There is a silicone mat on the platform to protect the scale when weighing the coffee.
This is a Coffee scale that can measure two points for the coffee, “Coffee and hot water amount” and “extraction time” at the same time.

Using the display on the right weight, you can measure the left time, at the same time measuring the extracted amount and the extraction time, can be used as a set extraction time by a timer.

Coffee extracted at any time can be stable during extraction. Easy to store because it is thin, compact.

Supported weighing modes are g,oz,lb and ml .

Easy to operate, main functions include Auto power off, tap function to obtain net weight, low battery and over-load indicator, as a cooking timer.

  • High precision strain gauge sensors system
  • LCD size:64.5*26.5mm
  • Auto off function,Backlight display
  • Low battery and Overload indication
  • Power:2*1.5V AAAbattery
  • Unit:gr/oz/lb/ml
Weight 0.3 kg


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