Friends Toffee Nut Dolce Gusto Compatible Capsules – 10 capsules in a pack

Do you like toffee flavoured coffee? Do you wish it would taste a little sweeter? You can now have exactly that!

This black coffee is flavoured with toffee and has an extra sweet boost that gives you the impression of drinking a dessert. Black or with milk, you cannot go wrong with this pod if you have a sweet tooth.

Perfect for when you have guests or when you want a midday treat, each box of caramel toffee coffee comes with 10 pods that are compatible with your Dolce gusto machine. Insert the pod, choose if the water level indicated on the packaging, and brew! In the blink of an eye, you’ll have a coffee that is sweet and tastes indulgent.

Not only is this coffee delicious, but the packaging is a dream for any fan of the show Friends. Covered in references to the classic TV series, the box and pods will be a hit with any fan.

We are the official distributors in Nigeria.

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