MilkFresh Superior Hot Chocolate 1kg. Granulated hot chocolate with a rich creamy taste. Just add water

An authentic recipe for superior hot chocolate results.

Milfresh trusted quality, made with decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to blending recipes for hot chocolate.

Milfresh Superior and Milfresh Fair & Ethical hot chocolates are school friendly and made with skimmed milk. Simply add hot water to achieve an indulgent, creamy and luxurious hot chocolate taste.

Milfresh offers great flow and solubility qualities and is vending machine friendly. Ideal for home use, automated beverage machines and foodservice environments.

Important information – This product is HVO free(HVO stands for hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, which are highly processed fats that have been added to a number of food stuffs including some hot chocolate drinks.)


Weight 1 kg


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