Gaggia Coffee Oil Remover 6 Tablets


1 pack, 6 tablets. Suitable for all Gaggia espresso full auto machines.

Sensational coffee quality
To maintain the coffee taste over time, and let you enjoy the best flavor at every use

Reliable protection 
To prevent clogging and prolong the lifetime of your espresso machine

Perfect cleaning 
They remove coffee oil residues and grease for a perfectly working brew group

A long-lasting espresso machine
A guaranteed solution to ensure a long-lasting espresso machine that always performs at its best

  • Operating instructions included.
  • For effective and better results, clean your machine every 3 month3 or after 500 cups of coffee.

Product Safety:

Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets are nontoxic, biodegradable tablets which remove calcium deposits, coffee oils, as well as other debris from the brew unit of your Gaggia super automatic espresso machine.


Weight 0.1 kg


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