The EBC coffee plunger: Unlock the true potential of your coffee beans and enjoy a delightful cup of coffee every time. Order our Heat-Resistant Glass Coffee French Press Plunger today and savor the ultimate coffee experience.

How to use a coffee plunger?

Using a coffee plunger, also known as a French press, is a straightforward process that allows you to brew rich and flavorful coffee. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a coffee plunger:

Ingredients and Equipment Needed:
– Coarsely ground coffee beans
– Hot water just off the boil (about 200°F or 93°C)
– Coffee plunger (French press)


1. Preheat the Plunger:
– To maintain the temperature of your coffee, preheat the coffee plunger by filling it with hot water and letting it sit for a minute. Then, discard the water.

2. Add Coffee Grounds:
– Measure coarsely ground coffee beans according to your desired coffee-to-water ratio. A common ratio is 1:15, so use 1 ounce (28 grams) of coffee for every 15 ounces (450 milliliters) of water.
– Add the coffee grounds to the bottom of the preheated plunger.

3. Pour Hot Water:
– Heat water to just below boiling point (about 200°F or 93°C) and pour it slowly over the coffee grounds in the plunger.
– Ensure all the coffee grounds are saturated with water. Use a wooden or plastic spoon to gently stir the mixture to ensure even extraction.

4. Place the Lid and Plunge Assembly:
– Attach the lid with the plunger assembly, ensuring the plunger is fully raised.

5. Steep the Coffee:
– Let the coffee steep for about 4 minutes. This steeping time allows the coffee to extract its flavors from the grounds.

6. Press the Plunger:
– After the steeping time, slowly and steadily press down the plunger. Apply even pressure to avoid splashing or sudden resistance.
– The mesh filter will separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee as you press down.

7. Pour and Serve:
– Once you’ve fully pressed the plunger down, the brewed coffee is ready to be poured.
– Pour the coffee into your cups immediately to prevent over-extraction, which can make the coffee bitter.

8. Enjoy:
– Savor the rich, full-bodied flavors of your freshly brewed coffee. You can drink it black or add milk, cream, or sweeteners to taste.

9. Cleaning:
– After use, disassemble the plunger by separating the filter and the plunger assembly.
– Dispose of the used coffee grounds and rinse the plunger thoroughly with water. You can also use a gentle soap if needed. Make sure to clean all parts, including the mesh filter.

Using a coffee plunger is a wonderful way to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee with minimal equipment and effort. Experiment with different coffee-to-water ratios and steeping times to find your perfect brew.

What are the Features of the coffee plunger?

1.Model: XT-11
2.Material: PP+Glass
3.Durable and heat resistant
4.Stainless steel filter filtered coffee & tea more better
5.The spout is V shape designed,more quickly to pour
6.More convenient to filter tea with stainless drawbars
7.Convinient use, long life use, durable

What are the Specifications?

1.French Press
2.Material: PP + Glass
3.Capacity: 350ml


Weight 0.3 kg


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