Pour Over Coffee Maker with stainless steel filter From EverythingbutCoffee

An ergonomic and really stylish device for the most delicious filtered coffee you’ve ever tasted. The pour – over method allows you to fully control all brewing parameters (temperature, grinding, time) in order to enjoy the cup of coffee you really dream of.

The device is extremely simple to use, easy to clean, requires no consumables, and its elegant look, inspired by the Bauhaus movement, makes it an ornament for every kitchen, and the ideal gift for every coffee lover.

The body of the coffee maker is made of borosilicate, non-porous glass that does not absorb scents or remains and is extremely resistant to high temperatures, while the metal filter is made of stainless steel.

With a handle for safe and ergonomic grip.

Grinding: Grind your coffee a little coarser than for a conventional coffee maker

Coffee Dosing: 10 – 13 gr ground coffee per 150 ml water

Water Temperature: Water should be at 90 – 93 celsius.

How to use it: Put the ground coffee in the metal filter and heat the water. Fill the metal filter with water and allow the coffee to be soaked well,  until bubbles appear: the pre-extraction stage will uniquely enhance the aromas of coffee. Then slowly pour the boiling water on the filter, with circular movements, starting from the filter tip and moving toward the center.

Repeat until the water is over. Grab the coffee maker from the wooden handle, stir with gentle circular movements and serve the tastiest and most aromatic filtered coffee you have ever imagined.

Available in 400ml and 600ml

Weight 1 kg

400ml, 600ml


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