SAECO Area OTC Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine
Searching for a professional capsule coffee machine that perfectly fits small to medium-sized settings like studios, offices, showrooms, and more? Look no further than The Area OTC Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine is a game-changer in the OCS world.
Capsule type – Nespresso®*
Dimensions (w x h x d) – 280 x 380 x 480 mm
Weight – 9 kg
Colour – black
Power supply – 230V/50 Hz
Absorbed power – 1300 W
Power cable – 1200
Hydraulic system – 2 circuits (double boiler, double pump)
Boiler – stainless steel
Hot water spout – yes – integrated
Water supply – independent tank
Water supply connection – optional (with the water supply kit)
Water container – 4 l
Exhausted capsules container – 40
Drip tray – 2.5 l
Cappuccinatore – Pinless Wonder
High speed cappuccino – yes
Possibility of using cups of 3 heights – yes – h 90-140-160 mm
Cups holder – yes – for 6 coffee cups
Programmable dose – Yes – 7
Free dose – 1
Alarms for capsules container not present andcapsules container full – yes
Alarms for empty water and descaling needed – yes
Capsule counter – yes
Brewing unit rinsing – yes – via menu
Cappuccinatore rinsing – yes
Descaling – yes – via menu
Language selection – yes – via menu
2.7“ graphic display and buttons with photographic icons – yes
Number of direct one touch selections – 8
Dedicated menu and navigation buttons – 3
Infrared port – yes
Weight 10 kg

Without Milk Cooler, With Milk Cooler


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